Are there any Social Media accounts for the tournament?


Where can I buy day passes?

Tickets can be purchased at the official online ticket shop on our website or directly at the Wiener Stadthalle.


Are week passes offered?

No, there are no week passes sold.


Is there an ATM?

You can find an ATM right beside the box offices of the Wiener Stadthalle in Halle F.


Current ticket regulations

Can tickets be cancelled because of the new 2G regulations?
Please send all ticket inquiries to ticketing@emotiongroup.com

Are my tickets from last year still valid?
Yes, tickets from 2020 are valid for 2021. Please note that the tickets are valid for the same DAY of the event, not the same date.

Do I get new and updated tickets?
Now, you can visit the event with the tickets from 2020.

I haven’t received my tickets. When will they be shipped?
Tickets will be sent electronically shortly before the event.

I have a voucher. Who should I notify?
Please write a mail to ticketing@emotiongroup.com

I have not been informed about my seating yet – will there be free choice of seating?
Seating will be handled according to the “best place” principle. Your seating place will be assigned.

Where and how do I get my assigned tickets?
Tickets will be delivered 24 hours before the start of the event at the latest.


Where can I apply to become a ball boy or girl?

If you want to get further information on how to become a spark7 ballkid please fill out the contact formular at the bottom of the starting page of the website.


Forbidden items

  • Pyrotechnic or explosive materials
  • Megaphones, horns – any noisemaking devices, laserpointer
  • Tools, scissors, flags, helmets, umbrellas
  • Firearms and bladed weapons
  • Professional camera and video camera equipment
  • Food and drinks
  • Dogs (except guide and companion dogs)
  • Suitcases, Backpacks and balls
  • Strollers, bikes, roller skates, rollers, skateboards, hover boards
  • Computers and laptops

It is prohibited to bring bags, suitcases and backpacks onto the tournament venue. These items can be stored at the bag depot of the Erste Bank Open. Bags which are smaller than an A4 sheet (30x21x21 cm) are exempted from this rule.


What are the COVID-19 measures?

To hold the event we had to come up with a hygiene- and safety-concept together with the local authorities. You can find the most important measures here.


Is there a cloak room?

There is a legally mandated checkroom obligation according to the rules of the Viennese Event Location Law (paragraph 12). The authorities mandate that coats, jackets, and various other outer wear has to be deposited at the checkroom. Checkrooms can be found at the first and second gallery.


House rules of the Wiener Stadthalle



Is there a lost-and-found office?

You can find the Lost & Found desk at the front desk. According to the house rules, items, without exception, can only be turned in there.


Where can I store my bag, laptop, luggage, etc.?

There will be a depot in the forecourt of the Wiener Stadthalle where you can store your items for free.


How can I purchase VIP tickets, business seats, VIP-boxes and –suites?

Please contact ticketing@emotiongroup.com for VIP tickets. For VIP-suites and –boxes please contact vip@emotiongroup.com. Due to the current situation there will be no business seats this year. We kindly ask for your understanding.


Can I return or exchange my tickets?

No, after tickets have been paid for they can neither be returned nor exchanged.


Can I come and go to the arena with my ticket?

Due to the use of scanners you can come and go as often as you like (as long as your ticket is valid). However, it is absolutely necessary to also scan your ticket when you leave the arena.


How can I order wheelchair tickets?

Wheelchair tickets are solely available at the ticket counters of Wiener Stadthalle, by calling +43 1 98 100-480 or -200, or via service@stadthalle.com.


Is it allowed to take plastic cups onto the stands?

Yes, it is allowed this year. Please also read the house roules of the Wiener Stadthalle.


Opening hours

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When does the Märzparkgarage open?

Owners of a VIP parking voucher can enter from 2 hours before beginning. You have to leave the garage at 2 am at the latest. Please find further information on https://www.stadthalle.com/en/kommen/parken.


Other parking possibilities

Märzparkgarage, Stadthallengarage, Lugner City Garage, short-term parking zones around the Stadthalle


Can I upgrade my ticket to a VIP/Business seat ticket?

It is not possible to upgrade a standard ticket.


Are there discounts for children in the VIP area?

Children up to 6 years can sit on the lap for free, for children over 6 years a full price ticket has to be purchased.


What is included in a VIP parking voucher?

This voucher is valid for the Märzparkgarage, directly in front of the Wiener Stadthalle. The ticket has to be inserted while entering the garage.


For which courts are my tickets valid?

Seats on the Center Court are tied to your ticket. The NextGen court/Court B will have no audience this year due to the current situation.


What is included in a VIP and business seat package?

  • VIP: parking (for a purchase of at least 2 tickets), cold and warm buffet throughout the day including food and drinks, top seating
  • Business seat: cold and warm buffet throughout the day including food and drinks, seating in category B

What is the “Same time, same station” promotion?

This promotion offers the opportunity to secure your exact same seating place for next year. You can only order this offer during the tournament on location.