Peers/Polasek end Melzer’s Vienna campaign

October 27th 2021, 18.27: Filip Polasek servces an ace at the Tennis 2 Go location of the Erste Bank Open to end Jürgen Melzer’s dream of getting at least one more match at his home tournament. Peers/Polasek won it 7-6 (3), 7-5 to advance to the next doubles round, ousting Jürgen Melzer and Alexander Zverev. Minutes of standing ovations followed Melzer’s last hurrah and the Austrian and his young German doubles partner went on to sign dozens of autograph wishes for the droves of people who came to the Wiener Heumarkt to watch Jürgen Melzer one last time at the Erste Bank Open.

Ambassador of tennis
„I have always tried to be a good ambassador of the sport. It means a lot to me that so many people have showed up today. Writing autographs, taking selfies – it’s always something special and I will remember these moments for a long time.

The first set was pretty even with a slight advantage for Peers/Polasek. Melzer/Zverev were able to save two breakpoints and get to the tie-break. There, Peers/Polasek kept the upper hand, taking the tie break 7-3.

In the second set, the match was on serve until 5-5 when Melzer/Zverev finally lost their serve. Peers/Polasek used the momentum to easily serve out the set and the match. Polasek sealed the deal with his ace.

„Don’t have to be embarrassed“
Melzer took the loss with a smile: “I knew during the last change-over that we would need a miracle. So, that was ok for me. I always saw this match as a bonus, saying goodbye at home. It was never planned like that, but when my ranking was sufficient after the US Open I took the chance.” He continued: “The match was on a level where I didn’t have to be embarrassed. Of course I have had better matches, but I have also played worse.”

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