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+++ Campaign completed for 2021 +++

The Erste Bank Open are just weeks away. And what could be better than sharing the centercourt of the Wiener Stadthalle with your most favorite players? Now you have the chance to do so!

The “spark7 Ballkids Challenge” is once again under way. There you have the chance to become a ballkid at the Erste Bank Open.

Which requirements are there? You have to be at least 12 years of age. Naturally, you should be interested in tennis and already have a basic knowledge of the rules of this sport.

The talent screening day is scheduled for the 25th September. There, your will get a first look into what it means to be a ballkid and what you will have to do during a match. Showing effort and with a bit of luck you might just end up as a spark7 ballkid at the Erste Bank Open.

You can register HERE!

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