Ticket FAQs

Here you can find the current regulations regarding tickets:

Can tickets be cancelled because of the new 2G regulations?
Please send all ticket inquiries to ticketing@emotiongroup.com

Are my tickets from last year still valid?
Yes, tickets from 2020 are valid for 2021. Please note that the tickets are valid for the same DAY of the event, not the same date.

Do I get new and updated tickets?
Now, you can visit the event with the tickets from 2020.

I haven’t received my tickets. When will they be shipped?
Tickets will be sent electronically shortly before the event.

I have a voucher. Who should I notify?
Please write a mail to ticketing@emotiongroup.com

I have not been informed about my seating yet – will there be free choice of seating?
Seating will be handled according to the “best place” principle. Your seating place will be assigned.

Where and how do I get my assigned tickets?
Tickets will be delivered 24 hours before the start of the event at the latest.

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